Monday, July 7, 2008

Pulling Myself Up

I love this chubber baby!
Stupid white backgrounds! I tried SO hard this time to get rid of them!

Template by LJD, #48
Kit by Erica, Sweety Purple


Jenny said...

AAAck! I love this template!!!! The frayed fabric looks so awesome! Love it!

Bonnie said...

Ok, with the white backgrounds, there might be a way to turn that off in PSE6, but I don't know because my backgrounds are automatically clear. You can remove this manually though. Find your "magic wand tool" in your left sidebar (for me it's the 7th tool from the top). Open the .png file and click on the white part with your magic wand, then delete it. Repeat as necessary until the white parts are gone. Let me know how that works out for you.

Shannon said...

The white part isn't there when it is just the png image (it has the check background) but when I import it into the layout it has it, I have tried erasing it, but dang! that takes FOREVER. There has to be some magic button I just can't seem to find!

Shannon said...

Oh, and ty Jenny! ;)