Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Treat

Kit by Mandy Mystiques, Serendipity freebie

Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Apple

I have really gotten out of the groove of scrapping, so I am slowly trying to get back into it today since we are all sick and snotty and just not feeling good! I love these pictures!

Layout by me.
Kit by Krystal Hartley, The Sky is Falling

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

still more pages!

One of the benefits of sick kids is too much time on my hands! Yesterday I was able to get so many of these pages done, and I actually stayed up too late making this batch after everyone else was asleep! I need to get an album so I know how many to make, if I make too many I won't be able to narrow it down. I am having so much fun looking back through all the archives at these pictures!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yep, more pages!

I guess it would help if I knew how many I needed to make to fill a small album, but man! This is fun!

More pages!

I really want to get this thing done! And these are so easy to whip up!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More pages for MY brag book!

Oh! And I guess I should explain a brag book! All these pages are created in a 4x6 size, so I can print them out and it become a mini scrap book. I plan on getting one of those teeny inexpensive photo albums, and then I will keep this in my purse for the kids to look at when there is a dull moment, or whenever. I love to have lots of interesting things in my bag, and I think this will be great! Kids love pictures, and so do I. I have to admit I was totally crying when I realized I was never allowed to hold Brady the day he was born! Ugg!

Some of these are the quick pages again, some I did on my own. I am too lazy to credit, so assume I did the cutest ones....LOLOLOL!

Brag Book

I am finally working on completing a brag book. This one will be for me, so I am just doing all the pics I love most. All these pages were originally quick pages made with the Butterfly Garden kit. First kit I actually paid money for. I love it so much.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Fun" in the sun!

The look on his face says it all!

Template by Chrissy W, blog freebie #3
Kit by Miss Mint, Tropical Popsicle

Cookie time

Um...I think I need some help on scrap page headers...LOL! I am in a bit of a rut!

Template by Yin designs, #41
Kit by Mandy Mystiques, Fathers Day blog freebie

Reading Time

Papers from KAagard, Just a Boy paper pack

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football Fever

Another challenge entry....too bad I can't figure out why my pictures won't upload into the galleries! UGG!
I used the Chrissy W "It's Fall Ya'll" kit for the bits and pieces challenge at Elemental Scraps.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Date Lunch

Oh my gosh! My new FAVORITE kit! Look at that Alpha! And it comes in 3 colors! SO stinkin' cute, and the embellishments are adorable, I just couldn't use any because this page is already so full! But, you will be seeing them, I linked to her page down below so you can check it out, snatch it up, it is precious!
Template by Erica, #33
Alpha and papers from the Labor of Love kit, from The Artist Formerly Known as Kelly


Whipping these bad boys out!

Popcorn Princess

More Ranger's game pictures.

And the kit I am using is LLW's a Fireworks Moment kit

Ranger's game

More pages from days with too many pictures! LOL, I am too lazy so I only like to scrap the pictures with only 3 or 4 from one "photo shoot". I also lose interest really fast and so I get sick of looking at the same papers, I like to whip them out! So anywho, lets get it started! I need to get some scrapping done tonight!
And you know what, i am too lazy to credit these, if you like the embellishments and want to know then I will look it up, but, LAZY!