Tuesday, October 7, 2008

still more pages!

One of the benefits of sick kids is too much time on my hands! Yesterday I was able to get so many of these pages done, and I actually stayed up too late making this batch after everyone else was asleep! I need to get an album so I know how many to make, if I make too many I won't be able to narrow it down. I am having so much fun looking back through all the archives at these pictures!


Sarah Smiles said...

These are awesome and that kit is beautiful!! Are you doing these yourself or is it a template?

Shannon said...

Oh thank you! Most of these I did myself, the first post was all quick pages, and then the other quick pages are the ones with the different font. The only template I used was on the 2 page spread of the pregnant me. You have to try it, once you get started it is SO easy, and most of these little albums only take 36 pics to fill up, I only need like 8 more pages!

Sarah Smiles said...

Yeah, I found some blank brag book 4x6 albums at Target, so I just bought them up...this is SUCH a good idea for gifts! Gotta get started on them!!