Sunday, October 5, 2008

More pages for MY brag book!

Oh! And I guess I should explain a brag book! All these pages are created in a 4x6 size, so I can print them out and it become a mini scrap book. I plan on getting one of those teeny inexpensive photo albums, and then I will keep this in my purse for the kids to look at when there is a dull moment, or whenever. I love to have lots of interesting things in my bag, and I think this will be great! Kids love pictures, and so do I. I have to admit I was totally crying when I realized I was never allowed to hold Brady the day he was born! Ugg!

Some of these are the quick pages again, some I did on my own. I am too lazy to credit, so assume I did the cutest ones....LOLOLOL!

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